Paint durability vs. wallpaper durability.

Many people may feel an aversion to wallpaper, because it will be associated with the old times. It is hard to forget the apartments from the previous system, covered with ugly, paper wallpapers of poor design and the same quality. But today’s wallpapers have absolutely nothing in common with their predecessors. Today’s shops offer a very wide range of products with rich colours, interesting design and above all high quality. The quality of wallpaper application on the wall has also improved significantly. Apart from wallpaper for glue, we can also use more comfortable, self-adhesive wallpapers.

A well selected wallpaper can even look “like new” for several years. Modern fleece or vinyl wallpapers are fully resistant to the destructive effect of moisture and stains. Their surface can be cleaned with water and detergents.  It is also worth noting that no paint, even the best, can withstand so many years in such good condition. Of course, there are also ordinary, cheap paper wallpapers on sale, which can peel off and discolour in time, but this solution is used less and less often.

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