How to protect garden furniture against winter?

Autumn is the time when we start cleaning the garden to prepare it for winter. In addition to typical gardening work, we must also take care of the garden infrastructure, which includes garden furniture. Due to the fact that they are made of different materials, activities related to their protection and preparation for the winter period will also be different.

Furniture made of plastic, both typical) and braided (made of polyrattan) and stainless steel or aluminum are the most resistant to changing weather conditions and in principle do not need any special activities, in fact they can leave them in their places, covered with foil or other material protecting them from rain and snow, so that at the beginning of the season only to uncover, wash, refresh and use them.

Wooden and wicker or rattan furniture require most attention and special treatment. In the case of this type of furniture, after the end of the season, it is necessary to choose a suitable place to store it during the winter. The exception to this is furniture made of hardwood, such as teak, robinia, bangkirai or larch, which are relatively resistant to moisture and can stand in the garden all year round. Garden furniture made of natural raw materials must not be stored in a very dry and warm place as it may dry out too much. The place should therefore be cool, but protected from frost and excess moisture. The ideal place will be a room (garage or cell), providing protection against rain, but at the same time allowing air to flow. Furniture should never be covered with foil or similar material, as this can cause mould or fungus to grow. If you want to cover your furniture, use an airy material from which moisture will evaporate.

Furniture protected in this way will require less maintenance before the start of the season (furniture made of natural raw materials) or after purely cosmetic activities will be ready for use (plastic furniture).

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