How to choose accessories for your interior?

Various types of accessories in the apartment have a very important function – they are a kind of complement to the interior. It is worth to choose them either at the very end of the whole interior design process, or when we already have a detailed plan. If I have doubts about the colours or style of finishing the apartment, it is better to hold on to the accessories, because in the end they may turn out to be useless.

What should we pay attention to? First of all, the amount – we should never exaggerate, because too much of e.g. things placed on cabinets or shelves could create an impression of a mess.

The same is true of style – if we want to keep the impression of cleanliness and simplicity, there should be as few additives as possible, and if they are, they should harmonize with the style of the room. In the case of a classic finish, on the other hand, too few accessories can give the impression that the room is unfinished. While minimalism is preferred in modern interiors, in the case of classic interiors various kinds of cosy cushions, curtains, rugs, etc. will work well.

In every room, on the other hand, green plants will be a good choice, which always add a bit of warmth and the room seems to be more cosy. Of course, when placing a flower on a chest of drawers, remember to protect it properly – both against damage to the top when moving and in case of overflowing.

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